Thursday 20 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 27

     Many people have told us the Museum of Anthropology at UBC should not be missed. It is raining here today so the ideal time to go. I'm not much of a museum person but the MOA, founded in 1949, is Canada's largest teaching museum and occupies a picturesque setting on the university campus.
     The MOA houses one of the world's finest displays of Northwest Coast First Nations arts and I was impressed with the enormous selection of artefacts on display. A few highlights are pictured below. I especially enjoyed the carved welcome figure The Cedar Man. I noticed immediately that this had obviously been incorrectly identified as it is unquestionably The Macarena Man.
     The fact that we spent 10 days on Haida Gwaii proved to be an asset as we found our understanding of the culture and art was increased as a result. Every little bit helps when you are trying to get an education.
a symbol of strength and leadership the eagle sits atop the poles
The Cedar Man? No, the Macarena Man!
Bill Reid's the Raven and the First Men
MOA grounds crown a perfect visit

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