Thursday 20 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 26

     Sorry - a little late today but it's not every day you get such a beautiful one in Vancouver. We were originally going to walk to and across Granville Island then take a bus to meet an old school friend. However, it was such a great day we ended up walking all the way downtown to the Harbour Air depot on the waterfront.
     Vancouver is a beautiful city in the Coastal Range. Sadly I can't now or ever will be able to afford to live here - I can barely afford to visit. Granville Island is an older, charming Vancouver. The waterfront is entrancing. The Olympic site brings a wave of pride to our 2010 prowess in the winter. Harbour Air is the way air travel should be - I'll bet they don't lose much luggage.
     Paul Cote is a Vancouver lawyer and a school friend of both Karen and myself and a lot of people reading this blog. He is in good health, extremely happy and quite content working - he takes great pride in the commitment he has to his clients and rightly so. Paul makes a difference - that's special.
     We took the bus back to our B&B and met the best bus driver on the planet. He waved us through when we got on (maybe he just didn't want to deal with any more dumbass tourists) and at an intermediate stop walked back and handed us a couple of transfers. "This one's on me." He also asked us what street we wanted to get off at. It was a regular stop but he was prepared to stop where we needed him to. What a city!
view from the Granville Island bridge
Olympic memories
Harbour Air on the waterfront
Vancouver lawyer Paul Cote with Karen and Eric - old friends

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