Saturday 22 September 2018

Tuk Trip - Day 29

     I may have left the impression that I did not enjoy Hope. Not so. It is a pretty mountain town. My disappointment is the TCH being part of it. We were here in the early 80s before the highway arrived. At that time Hope was charming. Today it is busy and overrun with people. The way around that is to get up ahead of everyone as we did this morning around 7AM. That's the secret...but I'm still ticked that they demolished the Rambo bridge.
     I have never seen a speed limit like this in Canada (see 2nd photo below). It really is a shame it is through a scenic mountain pass just north of Hope. What are you guys thinking?
     Doh! a deer! Actually about half a dozen of them. We drove by in the pouring rain, turned around, went back and sat watching them. As more cars went by they all got spooked and effortlessly jumped over the fence and headed into the woods. All but the fawn who knew where to go and crawled under the fence. Even the deer have an escape plan.
     It rained all day but finally stopped when we arrived in Cache Creek. It sits in the middle of a sage brush landscape unlike anything I ever anticipated seeing in BC. As a matter of fact I felt like I was in Texas or New Mexico. Beautiful!
the Fraser River in Hope, BC
certainly don't need this in such a picturesque (not so much today) spot
took getting to BC to see any wildlife
sure not what I expected to see in BC

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