Saturday 11 May 2024

May 11, 2024 - Day 12

 Another somewhat crazy day proving something I have said for many years, that being that GPS systems are not always the saviour some believe. We left Cache Creek and came upon a rather interesting location for a wrecker...

The town of Clinton is kind of a wannabe Route 66 full of antique and memorability shops complete with the gimmicky things to suck in the gullible public. C'mon I couldn't resist,

And now the GPS story. We were searching for a natural phenomenon called the Chasm. The GPS in our rental Hyundai was our first attempt at locating it. It came so close, turning us off the road about a kilometre from the Chasm. That was a pleasant drive through basically crown land and forest. Okay, so we'll try Apple Car Play on my phone. I have no idea what it was trying to do but we were guided on an amazing, beautiful drive through the lower ranch properties. The perfect weather day made this two hour side trip an absolute joy. 

It was so remote we stopped to eat our lunch and take a bio break in the middle of the road. Wow, that's what great road trips are all about.

I decided third time would be the charm so shut off all GPS' and followed a somewhat hidden sign on the highway touting the Chasm in 7 kilometres. It was correct to the metre and we settled back to view what we had searched for all morning.

No matter how long or short the drive, I'm always happy to land at a new abode. This is in 100 Mile House...what's wrong with that boy?!


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