Sunday 26 May 2024

May 26, 2024 - Day 27

Well, we're down to the last two days then we fly home on Tuesday. With that realization comes a level of mild depression knowing this amazing trip will soon end. We're in Merritt for the night. It was a much shorter drive than I thought it would be. Just as well because it wasn't the nicest day for weather. A bit of rain, very windy and somewhat cold with the wind chill, which was significant.

We very obviously transitioned from the mountains in Kelowna to the foothills in Merritt. It was a pleasant drive yielding some nice views like this one as we approached Merritt.

Merritt is referred to by some as the Country Music Capital of Canada - every town has to have some claim to fame. Provincial Parks and natural scenery is also evident quite readily. Nicola Lake is a glacially formed narrow, deep lake about 30 kilometres out of town. It even LOOKED cold.

Our refuge for the night is the Merritt Lodge Motel. It's a very subdued looking place from the outside but major cozy (like an old time cottage) on the inside. The photo inside is a bit of an illusion. That is not a mirror image there are two separate sides to the room.

On days like this when I'm feeling low as things wind down this was a true pick-me-up!  😎

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