Tuesday 7 May 2024

May 7, 2024 - Day 8

Today was a bit of an unusual day. For starters the weather was great as we moved from the island back to Vancouver landing in Horseshoe Bay in North/West Vancouver. Other than the fact that we waited for longer than we travelled it was quite enjoyable. I already knew that GPSs were far from infallible but today seemed to solidify that for good. Firstly, it didn't get us anywhere near the ferry docks. We had to stop and ask directions. WTF! Turns out had we kept driving on the road we were travelling, a distance of less than a kilometre, we'd have driven right to them.

so proud to be Canadian

the mainland coast beckons

The rest of the day was a friggin' nightmare. Once again the GPS took us to the wrong side of town...this from an actual address it actually acknowledged. Many of us are oh so familiar with the terminal congestion that is Toronto and surrounding areas. Well, today the big smoke had nothing on Vancouver. The photo below is just as the traffic started to build. It got way worse. It took us 3 hours to travel the 31 kilometres from the ferry to our B&B.

The Abby House B&B is a welcome oasis in downtown Vancouver. A turn of the century (that's the 20th century for all you young'uns) house it just screams Old World charm and embraces you as you walk through the front door. Much like John and Marie's Riverside B&B in St. Marys, Ontario, it was a joyous relief at the end of our day.

After today, anywhere we want to go in Vancouver tomorrow will be on foot. I'm not taking the car anywhere!


  1. Great idea, as a car is a liability in Vancouver's compact downtown. Very walkable. Hey, what navigation system are you using? We find Waze has best traffic updating for BC roads.

  2. Thanks for the referral to Riverside in St Marys, Eric!