Sunday 5 May 2024

May 5, 2024 - Day 6

 Yesterday was a drizzly day and today was a little worse. Great day for a drive - Vancouver Island really is beautiful, even in the rain. We got out of Campbell River heading north just before the drizzle turned to light rain.

As we continued north the rain got heavier but the mist and low cloud cover gave the scenes an added feeling of atmosphere and character.

You would think on an island with only one main road on this part of the island it would be an easy drive. Well we managed to get a little side tracked (yes lost) after getting off the highway for gas. Once again this led to a wonderful sight in Sayward. Logging is still an important industry here and the tiny boom boats (miniature tug boats) are fun to watch as they appear so unstable and threaten to fall over at every movement.

As we left the log jams we realized where we had gone wrong - maybe I should have paid more attention to the GPS - but then we would have missed this. No regrets.

We are staying the night in Port Hardy, the furthest point north you can drive on Vancouver Island.
That's the only reason we came here. Most come to catch the ferry to Prince Rupert.

No matter how you look at it, wet or dry, Vancouver Island is magnificent.

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