Tuesday 14 May 2024

May 14, 2024 - Day 15

 We have reached the half way point of the trip and this was a good way to celebrate it. Much of BC has a place in history for a gold rush, like so many places in Canada. The Bullion Pit Mine was an inspiring story of man's tenacity for extracting wealth from the ground in his search for gold. Although it was threatening rain and indeed did rain that did not spoil our day in any way.

The town of Likely is located where Quesnel Lake empties into the Quesnel River and is one of the few remaining Cariboo Gold Rush settlements. The descent from there to Quesnel Forks is a rugged ride down a steep 2 kilometre long gravel/dirt road.

Quesnel Forks is a ghost town in the Cariboo Region of BC. It is located at the junction of the Quesnel and Cariboo Rivers and is a very interesting, educational representation of the Gold Rush in general but the Chinese immigrant involvement in particular.

The restored pioneer buildings and historic cemetery are there to be explored. I found that very appropriate because when we were in Haida Gwaii with Dave and Christy in 2018 I dubbed us collectively the explorers.

I suppose I was a little larger in stature than the great people who helped build this country of ours.

Sadly, tomorrow we'll be leaving Dave and Christy. We cannot thank them enough for making our three days with them magical. We are headed for points north - exactly where remains to be seen - not even we know at the moment. I can only promise it will be an enjoyable journey.

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