Saturday 18 May 2024

May 18, 2024 - Day 19

We left New Hazelton headed for Stewart, a small BC town on the Alaskan border. We stopped to take a photo of this sign and a woman offered to take one of us - thank you, people are so nice.

As we passed the Junction at highway 37 and 37a we found where some of BCs biggest and most beautiful mountains are. This was the only time today the sun was out so nicely. Talk about lucky. It's hard to put this beauty into words. Stunning!

The toe of it is in BC with the balance in Alaska; no matter how you express it, it's an impressive sight. 
The Bear Glacier about 40 kilometres before you reach Stewart, BC.

Stewart welcomed us with an interesting sign. It was so nice we decided to have our lunch there.

We're staying at the Ripley Creek Inn, an accommodation consisting of 20 something rooms spread over several period buildings. Very different and very cool. Internet is hourly so I have to hurry. 

Guess I won't need to set that alarm...the neighbours should take care of that.

Our room is rather cool but it's a good thing that sofa is there because as soon as you step into the room the floor slopes steeply toward the window. The couch effectively provides a soft landing.

Somewhere along the line I swear we made a wrong turn and ended up in the 1890s. Where are all the horses? It feels like we're in an old western epic. Gorgeous town.  😎

Pretty busy eh? Don't worry it will get busier as evening approaches.

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