Wednesday 8 May 2024

May 8, 2024 - Day 9

Today was a wonderful day in spite of there being not many photos to support that statement. It involved a lot of walking because there was no way we were about to drive today.

We started by meeting an old high school friend for lunch. If we were friends in high school you know he's as old as us anyway. I did not put the photo here. For those who know him, I will send photos in a separate email.

It was a wonderful reunion. We left the restaurant and walked to Gastown. The steam clock is the attraction there, the statue of Gassy Jack having fallen to the wishes of the politically correct commentators.

On the return to the B&B we spent some time at Canada Place. That's where all the cruise ships depart so it was a bit of a mad house even this early in the season. As you can see it was another beautiful weather day. What you can't see is the near perfect 16 degree temperature.

This B&B is so nice. It really steps its best foot forward at night. As I stood there taking this photo a woman exclaimed, "Is this your house? It is gorgeous!" I was very tempted to say yes but then thought that would probably lead to questions I could not answer so I relented, "No, it's an awesome B&B."

Tomorrow we head north into the interior hoping there are no wild fires to turn us back.

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