Thursday 2 May 2024

May 2, 2024 - Day 3

It was a beautiful sunny day - perfect as we travelled to Vancouver Island. We were booked on the noon ferry but arrived at 10:30. The booth attendant asked if we'd like to take the 11AM ferry instead. Well, yes. I didn't see that option when I booked so this was a welcome stroke of good luck - something so rare for us. It's an hour and a half trip and although sunny it was very cool outside. We arrived in Swartz Bay (the port for Victoria) at 12:30PM.

Swartz Bay is about 30 kilometres from Victoria on the most congested, slow-moving route I've seen in a long time. What happened to the days when there was an off season for travel? We had time so stopped at a place we were going to experience tomorrow. We passed right by it so chose to do it today.
The display area of the BC Aviation Museum is spread over two hangars and a restoration workshop is also on site. I'm not really into air history in Canada or anywhere else but a few friends' interest has rubbed off on me. Thanks Murray, Rick and Steve.

from the days when air travel was fun - well, except for that paralyzing fear that you may never reach your destination

Karen in the cockpit of the CT-133 Silver Star, an early 50s training aircraft

We've come a long way baby!

Murray would particularly have loved it here so we made a quick Facetime call to him before we left. Hope it did the trick. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. We're here for two nights then on to points north on the east coast of the island. Stay with us.

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