Friday 24 May 2024

May 22 & 23, 2024 - Day 23 & 24

We have just completed the third and fourth day of backtracking. Tomorrow I promise you new stuff! I'm trying not to think about the reality that this amazing month is drawing to a close.

The Quesnel Footbridge over the Fraser River in Quesnel is the longest wooden truss walking bridge in the world at 831 feet. Construction began in August 1928 and the bridge opened in May 1929. It was used by pedestrians, horse-drawn rigs and the occasional motor vehicle. The bridge stimulated the growth of West Quesnel and greatly aided the fall cattle drive; previously cattle and the accompanying cowboys swam the river.

The bridge is the centrepiece of the Quesnel Riverfront Trail system. We had walked from our hotel (which we had just checked out of) so only had time to do part of the Riverwalk. I was fascinated at how strong the current was being easily visible from the banks and the bridge. Even more amazing was that the current changed direction. I suppose being at the convergence of two large rivers will do that.

Although the bridge was restored in 2010 there are still vestiges of days gone the sign on top of the bridge at the centre - zoom in if you need to.

Green Lake is just east of 70 Mile House. Normally we would keep going but I have a friend we wanted to visit. I went to Africa with John and have not seen him in 50 years. At first I thought that would be awkward beyond belief but it's amazing how fast those 50 years disappeared. It took a while but we did actually get caught up. Time well spent. His wife Diane is wonderful so I'm so happy we were able to spend time with them both.

As we turned onto their road I saw this and thought, wow, that certainly is overkill isn't it? Are people meant to read this as they drive by? 

John took us for a spin around the neighbourhood to look at the devastation caused by the 2017 wildfire that evacuated many in BC. It's a sad scene even 7 years later. Not much has regenerated. 

We're off to Kelowna tomorrow.

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