Thursday 9 May 2024

May 9, 2024 - Day 10

We left Vancouver mid-morning and headed north to the interior. There's not a whole lot to say...the drive was amazing and we had another perfect day. The mountains have always captivated me and I would have no problem living there...if I could ever afford to do so. The snow-capped mountains against the crystal clear blue sky, who could go wrong?


Whistler to Cache Creek, a winding, beautiful road all the way.

The Gold Rush Trail starts at Lillooet and is a marvelous drive full of sharp curves and changes in elevation both up and down. The sunshine made all the difference.

We landed in Cache Creek around 4PM. The Destination Inn - no it's not. We've hit a new low for this trip and likely in the top ten in that category of all time...and that's saying something!

The ashtray and the pool with no water are among its highlights.  😅
It's a new hotel, yet it looks and feels like it's been here for half a century.

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