Monday 6 May 2024

May 6, 2024 - Day 7

Today was a 5 hour drive south covering ground we had already travelled over the last two days. The good part of that was the weather did co-operate at least part of the day and we were coming from the other direction so it really did look different. I certainly did not see as much of the mountains when we headed north. Even the truck traffic was cool - because there was only a few of them, not hundreds like any 10 minute drive on Ontario 400 highways.

The mountains really were beautiful, a good intro for what's to come when we get back on the mainland.

I guess it's a case of sticker shock. As much as I complain about prices back home, gas here is just over $2 per litre. The pick up in front of me pumped over $150!

We don't always stay in the nicest places. This one's in an area of Nanaimo that functions as a close location to BC Ferries. We already know to every life some rain must fall.

Nevertheless, Nanaimo is not without its charm...though I am a little ticked there are no Nanaimo Bars here. 😅


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