Monday 20 May 2024

May 20, 2024 - Day 21

Today will be the first day of 4 that we will be backtracking over the same ground we covered coming up here. Leaving Stewart made us so very grateful that we had beautiful weather coming in - because it was a different story as we left at 8AM. Beautiful in its own way.

The Bear Glacier also looked totally different in this weather - also somewhat hypnotic.

These signs appear all over the highways here. The Whitehead wildlife myth seems to override them most times. My impression is they're all lies. It wasn't until 300 kilometres later in an area totally devoid of signs that this guy ran across the road in front of us. Obviously, it's the signs that are the curse.

I had to laugh out loud when this showed up on our GPS. Apparently it was a premature warning, just a slight glitch but it got me thinking. I guess the children in this part of BC are incredibly agile and athletic if the speed through their school zones are rated like this.  😅

Even the rest stops are pretty here.

As mentioned, we'll be covering a lot of the same ground over the next few days so if I don't have enough to make it interesting I may choose to post every other day. Don't worry I will continue to advise you via your email and will pick up my routine once we get to Kelowna on Friday.

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