Sunday 19 May 2024

May 19, 2024 - Day 20

 I forgot to mention yesterday that reality went against history and we actually did see some wildlife on the way in to Stewart. I forgot because I did not get any photos so it kind of makes me think it didn't happen. The speed limit is 100 on Highway 37 so by the time the beasty is spotted, I stop, turn the car around and go back three transports have passed and scared the poor thing away. First was the moose. I actually did take a very distant, very blurry shot (not worth posting) - it would be easier for you to find Waldo in my shot than the moose. Shortly thereafter we saw two bears in two different locations - same story with the traffic and the same results; though in these cases there are not even any bad photos. So here it is, my record of my wildlife sightings yesterday.

They talk a lot about bears up here so after yesterday's experience we couldn't resist getting this for Karen. It's for Karen because she'll wear it as a night shirt thus getting good use from it.

I mentioned yesterday I expected to see horses in this turn of the century frontier town. Sadly I cannot get that far back in time but this brought me a little closer - no horses just horsepower.

There's a nearly kilometre long boardwalk called the Estuary Boardwalk. It takes you out into the eco-zone protected and inhabited by local birds and plants. Nothing terribly unusual there but the background was certainly a pleasant addition to the walk.

After lunch we decided to take a walk to Alaska. It's an 8 kilometre return trip; we could have driven but we weren't sure if our rental policy allowed it. Flashback to a similar experience we had with Karen and Murray in 2012 on our trip to Arizona. We weren't sure what the policy did and did not allow so avoiding an errant trip into Utah we walked just to set foot in the state.

It's a bit odd; you can walk or drive freely into the US, no check points or stopping required but you cannot return without the proper procedure. Don't forget your passport!

Hyder, Alaska is an old gold mine town that has certainly seen better days. Referred to as a ghost town, it certainly is. The only thing open was a gift shop so we bought some fudge to keep everyone happy - especially us.

I'm so rarely in the photos - just had to prove I was there.

Time to start making our way back south tomorrow.  😞

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