Friday 3 May 2024

May 3, 2024 - Day 4

We had a busy day and covered it all on foot, about 11 K - I'm tired. It all started early. Not anything spectacular by any means. Just a shot to establish I'm up at an insanely early hour, even on holiday. 

The Galloping Goose Trail is not what I expected, that being marauding half-crazed avians gone mad. The trail is named for the gas-powered passenger car that carried mail and passengers twice daily between Victoria and Sooke during the 1920's.

This next one's for you John and Marlene...Victoria Harbour...a little different from your home town.

We were last in Victoria in 2006. It's a lot busier now. That thing everyone refers to as progress has claimed another one. Still lovely, just too busy. The flowers at the Empress are still beautiful.

The Homecoming is a very poignant sculpture in the harbour expressing gratitude for the tens of thousands of Canadians who answered both the call of their country and the sea through the first century of Canada's Naval Service.

Once again, Karen managed to find another friend.

It certainly is a beautiful city and area but they sure could use some help selecting their scenic outlooks. Hey, people are trying to eat here!

Stay tuned as we leave Victoria tomorrow.

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  1. Mother Nature seems to be co-operating. Great shots!