Friday 24 May 2024

May 24, 2024 - Day 25

Once we passed Cache Creek we were back into unexplored territory for us. It was also the beginning of more and more traffic - not in this particular photo but the further south we went, the worse the traffic became.

I still find it fascinating that there is an actual desert in BC. It's a couple hundred kilometres from Cache Creek before you're truly out of it.

It's so depressing to see the evidence of the major wildfire(s) of 2017. There is some new growth but it will take a long time (perhaps a generation) to regenerate.  😞

Once we reached Kelowna we were ready to get into our new digs. The traffic here is absolutely insane and never ending. We are fortunate to have booked a nice two bedroom suite with a full kitchen so were so very happy not to have to drive any more today. After settling in we met with another person I went to Africa with. Once again, haven't seen here in 50 years. Life is strange but oh so good.

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