Friday 17 May 2024

May 17, 2024 - Day 18

The weather looked pretty iffy again but if it's like yesterday we'll get some breaks. With that in mind we headed out early for the Hagwilget Canyon. They say the view from the bridge and of the bridge is not to be missed.  

The peaks of the surrounding mountains are made of hard granite rock, which resists erosion relative to other rocks. Of the peaks visible here only the tops of two mountain ranges are sharp and irregular, indicating that they alone rose above the highest limits of the last Ice Age. Reading the interpretive signs really does give the illusion of intelligence.  😅

I'm used to seeing the odd homestead with an abandoned car or two in the front yard. This guy takes things to extremes. The guy walking his dog owns the only operable vehicle in this photo - none of the others are going anywhere soon.

There's what looked like (and was) an interesting pair of hiking trails about a kilometre from our hotel so after lunch and a short nap we walked over to the trailhead. The bear warning caught our attention right away but history dictates there is not a chance one will be anywhere to be seen while we're around.

The Waterfall Trail was not bad until the end then it became rather steep and rocky with several fallen trees to climb over. As is usually the case, the reward awaited us at the end.

Then there was the Lookout Trail. It was not a hill climb; it rose steeply and steadily along a rough, rocky, rooty trail straight up to the top of a mountain. Karen wisely (given her medical history) decided to stop and turn around at the half way point. I demonstrated no such intelligence. Was it worth it? Maybe - I must say it was a nice view of the town of Hazelton - that's our hotel in the upper left third of the photo.

So should a 72-year-old man in moderate shape at best be doing this? I guess I really am growing older but not up. Perhaps the tee shirt I changed into after a shower upon our return to the hotel says it best.

Tomorrow we'll be leaving for a two night stay in Stewart, the northernmost point we'll get to in BC on this trip. Hang with us - this is fun yes?


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